3 Habits That Can Change Your Life

“When you receive goodness, you should always pass on the same in kind.” Changing your life is much more of an inner job than an outer job. People make physical changes all the time—new clothing, haircuts, even surgery, but those changes are meaningless without a change on the inside of a person. There is a reason why people notice a sparkle in your eye or when you’re standing taller. Sometimes there is just something about a person that seems different, and all that has shifted has been mental. This inner change is much more powerful than anything you can alter on the outside.

From my bookJust Give Your Head a Shake, the below quotes are habits that can change your life from the inside out:

1. Take Responsibility for Everything
Remember that you are the only one who walks your path in life and you are responsible for the changes you make.

At some point, it is important to stop blaming others and to start taking steps to change your life. This includes taking responsibility for everything, including your reactions and attitude. No one can choose to change yourself but you.

2. Energize Yourself with Positive Feelings
When we change our energy, we attract the same energy to us.”

An important thing to know is that positive energy puts you at a different vibration or frequency than negative energy. To energize yourself to change your life, focus on more feel good energy, including generating more positive feelings. You can do this through meditation, affirmations, journaling and prayer.

3. Give Back to Others
When you receive goodness, you should always pass on the same in kind.”

Giving back in whatever way you choose is a great way to pass on good feelings to others, which will circulate more goodness to you. This giving could be done through giving monetarily, volunteering, using kind or loving words, spiritual giving, prayer, or through your work efforts. So, share your support and abundant giving with others. Make an attempt to give back to the world and your blessings will multiply.

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