A New Years Resolution Is Like Car Maintenance – Well, Kind Of!

New years resolutions have been all the buzz, but as you probably know, in a few short weeks everyone will be moving on new things—unless they have a plan for maintaining their resolutions. When you’re caught up in the hope and anticipation of the new year it’s easy to get caught up in keeping resolutions close to your heart, but what happens down the road?

We’ve all seen it. By March, the gyms are less crowded. Everybody goes back to their old habits, whatever they may be. You still have that glimpse of excitement for the new year, but it fades as real life takes over.

I think you really have to integrate your resolutions into your routine. Think about all the things you have to do to keep your car running. You give it gas. You get oil changes. You check the tire pressure (or have someone else do it!). These things are like chores to most of us, but you know what? Month after month, your car keeps running.

Maintaining your car is a “must do” for any responsible driver. But what about those “must do’s” for a responsible life? How many times do we shrug things away or give up too quickly and think we can’t turn that ignition again? Can you imagine your car running out of gas and being like, “okay, I guess I’ll just leave it on the side of the road and walk home?”

Eventually, you’d go back to the car with a big can of gas and get it running! And you’d feel so good doing it. A resolution is the same way. You have to do maintenance and work at it. If you miss a few days or a few workouts, you just start over again. You refill that gas tank and get moving again.

Remember the bigger reason for why you made your resolution in the first place, and hold that outcome in your mind. Like taking care of your car it’s not always going to be easy or fun to maintain, but sometimes you have to stop and get the gas or those new wiper blades so you can see again.

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