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Cheryl Hitchcock DSW, ADC, CRP

Cheryl has spent the last 15 years working with the mind and it’s potential. She is a Clinical Counsellor and Mind Mastery Coach. Cheryl works with the mind and the behaviours to overcome some of the most debilitating, negative, blocking behaviours that cause stress and stress related illnesses.  By providing links and strategies to unlock the true potential and power of the mind, Cheryl has helped countless people live the life of unlimited success.  She has also adopted and incorporated the Spiritual concepts learned while spending years working directly with Buddhist Monks. She is an author, therapist, coach and public speaker. Her skills are much sought after and in demand and her success rate is phenomenal.

About Cheryl’s Published Book

Just Give Your Head a Shake…and Change Your Life for the Better
By Cheryl Hitchcock DSW, ADC

This is a book about the human mindset, the pitfalls, the strategies and tools that will help you to lead a more abundant, joyful, and blissful life. You will be able to learn techniques to relieve the stress, anxiety and negativity that plague the mind, and stops you from aligning with Spirit and manifesting your ideal life. This is a book that will help you to realize your true potential, spirit and enhance your magnificenceBuy my book on Amazon…

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Stevie Hitchcock

Stevie Hitchcock BSc. Psych. Is a graduate of the University of Toronto and holds an Honours degree in Psychology. She also holds certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Life Coaching and Addictions. Stevie now counsels young people suffering from anxiety and depression related disorders, at Integrity Counselling Services, where she has recently become a partner. www.integritycounsellingservices.com.

As well as holding her degree in Psychology, since 2013 Stevie has been a Director on the Board of Stress Slayer International, an organization that helps support the front line work of youth mental health agencies as well as providing counselling for youth. www.StressSlayer.com.

She helps to organize and direct fundraising efforts with Stress Slayer’s partnered agencies, and contributes to the day to day directives of the organization, as well as counselling youth.

It is evident that Stevie has a passion for helping people. While reaching out in the world through her entrepreneurial and professional skills, Stevie manages to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground and is a thoughtful, kind and reserved person who is clear about her beliefs and highly respectful of others. She is diligent in her work and has true compassion for others.


jack glabJack Glab is a member of the board for Stress Slayer International, a foundation that helps fund youth mental health programs and projects, as well as providing stress management counselling to youth.

Jack is a Reiki Master Teacher along with Cheryl and is a partner in Body and Soul Reiki, which he co-founded in 2014. Jack has been a Reiki practitioner for a number of years and knows that this is a significant part of his spiritual path.

As well as having reiki clients of his own, Jack volunteers his reiki skills at a Chinese Medical practice for those patients of the TCM clinic.

Jack is a native Torontonian who volunteers in a number of annual community events such as the Humber Bay Shores Waterfront clean up as well as the Humber Bay Shores Water Front Festival, as well as Stress Slayer fundraising events. He has a strong sense of community and giving back.

Currently he works for the Province of Ontario in the area of Emergency Management, Security and Business Continuity Planning.  Prior to working in Emergency Management, Jack worked in the field of Human Resources in both the private and public sector and was involved in labour relations, collective bargaining, operational planning, improving organizational effectiveness, occupational health and safety, training and development.

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