Are You Connected To Your Authentic Self?

A description of your authentic self and ways that people become disconnected over time. At one point or another, some people lose touch with their authentic self. This is the real you and your inner essence. When you step aside from your ego and mind chatter, your authentic self emerges.

When you are constantly thinking the past or the future, it is harder to connect with your authentic self. When this happens it’s easier to get lost in your problems or past thought patterns and live in an altered reality. Have you ever found yourself looking at photographs of past lovers or friends you’ve lost touch with only to find yourself wondering or wishing for the past? Some of us do this constantly, vying for what was, rather than what is right now.

When this happens, you literally stop living in the present now—and being connected to your authentic self. You ego starts constructing various outcomes to imaginary situations and you stop living in real time. These are the moments where you feel worried, fearful, anxious, and caught up in things you cannot control. This is when you stop noticing all the gifts life has to offer and cease giving back to the world as it is right now. It also takes a great deal of energy to live in past or future time, so you have less fuel for your present life.

Being connected to your authentic self doesn’t mean never planning ahead or looking back. It simply means trusting in yourself and in the Universe to keep flowing—and moving along with it. You can’t change the past; you can’t experience a future that is unknown. Instead, you can live authentically in the present moment, taking the good with the bad as all a part of the experience. Seeing things this way can help you become more detached, more observant, and more of the authentic you that wants to experience life!

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