Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?

Many people insist they have a healthy sense of self-esteem, but then they do things that prove otherwise. They might make poor decisions, spend time with people who treat them badly, or put everyone else first and themselves last. These choices often come from low self-worth that creates unhealthy and dysfunctional beliefs.

On page 47 of my book, I explain:

“Self-esteem is defined as the way in which you think of yourself; your own value and abilities. It is quite often tied into our sense of self-worth and self-consciousness. It is the way in which we identify ourselves and the impact these thoughts have on our lives and the decisions we make.”

In essence, self-esteem is essential to living a happy, healthy life. Without it, the deep-rooted issues from low self-esteem can become part of your personality—and they can even become comfortable and accepted as true. People with low self-esteem may still make achievements and feel happy, but only to a certain point.

When these issues come to the surface, it becomes clear how self-esteem impacts lives. Usually, fear is behind a lot of self-esteem issues and choosing to “make due” or “settle for mediocrity” rather than allow yourself to spread your wings. Remember, profound changes and success come from stepping outside your comfort zone!

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