Cutting Through Stress

By: Cheryl Hitchcock

1033778_58425917Stress is something that comes with everyday life. It’s not something that we can eliminate completely or need to avoid at all costs, but there are ways to manage stress so that it doesn’t consume you.  Holidays/vacations, social, family and work demands are always present and even though these are generally viewed a part of everyday life, we also know that these demands can also cause significant stress and even chaos.  I am going to share with you some tips that can help you cope with stress and gain back your control.

Stress when left out of control can cause significant anxiety or depression, as well as physical illness, so you need to look at ways of managing the stress you feel on a daily basis. Of course I will assert that meditation does significantly reduce stress and the detrimental effects on your mind and body. It is proven scientifically that even small amounts of meditation daily can cut down on the negative effects of stress. Not only will meditation help you to cope better and stay grounded, it will help you view the world in a more positive, kind and loving way.

When something comes up for you that creates stress, stop and ask yourself if there is anything you can do about the situation. Can you manage or change the stressor? If there is nothing that you can do to change the source of your stress, then you can choose to view it in a different manner. If you find that you cannot keep up with bill payments for example, you can assess the situation and ask yourself, “Is there anything that I can do to lessen the stress?” Can you allocate money to where it is needed most, or find ways to earn or free up more money? Can you borrow against any equity you have or sell off, or refinance any assets? If there is nothing that you can do then you need to resign yourself to that fact and not worry about it. Either you can pay the bills or you cannot, and worrying about paying the bills is not going to change the fact that you are having difficulty paying the bills. There are always options. Worrying about anything only increases stress and can lead to anxiety, depression or physical illness, as well as preventing you from finding options and taking action.

Try to look at the cause of your stress objectively, that is to say, without your personal beliefs, perceptions, and emotions attached. Break it down into smaller more manageable parts and set out a plan to deal with each part. Ask yourself, “Is getting upset going to reduce my stress level?” Unfortunately, we tend to go to the worst case scenario when looking at stressful events that come up. The majority of the time (over 95%) the worst case scenario does not occur and we will have created even more stress than the original stressor does.

Make a plan for the stress that you can manage and don’t worry about what you cannot control.  If stress does become overwhelming to you and you cannot seem to find options, then I urge you to speak to a professional and seek guidance. That’s what we are here for.  Don’t feel like you have to tackle everything on your own. It is often helpful just to speak with someone about how you are feeling or what is going on with you. Sharing some of your stressors with someone you trust may aid in brainstorming options that you may not have thought about previously. 

You need to take care of your mental health because your mind is what drives everything you do and if it breaks down, every aspect of your life will be affected. There is no stressful situation that cannot be managed. It’s up to you to take the lead in your life. Life is wonderful, live it to the fullest, and remember to keep your face to the sunshine!


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About the Author:
Cheryl Hitchcock Author of “Give Your Head a Shake..and change your life for the better” is a Stress Management and Spiritual Coach with over 13 years of counselling and spiritual experience. Cheryl enables her clients to manage, as well as eliminate stress and related problems. She also conducts seminars and workshops that cater to Stress Management and Spirituality. For more information please visit and receive her free ebook “How to Overcome Depression without Medication”.