How To Overcome Fears And Obstacles

By: Cheryl Hitchcock

While everyone has fears and obstacles, some people have a harder time overcoming their fears compared to others. This can prevent a great deal of personal growth, including job and career possibilities, finding more satisfying relationships, and even a better quality of life.

Living with too much fear is bound to give you less energy and more frustration. After awhile, fears can even feel bigger than life, leaving you little room to grow. Fear can cause you to fear paralyzed, incapable, and constantly frustrated.

Fortunately, overcoming fears is possible, and it can be done in a systematic way. The goal is to identify, become aware, and then remove the fear by stepping past it. When you these things habitually, you’ll be able to break the barriers that have been holding you back more quickly.

1. Identify Your Fears

One of greatest things that holds most people back from success is fear of failure, so start by asking yourself: “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” You may have irrational fears or fears from the past that are keep you from realizing your potential.

If you take a look at most fears you’ll find they’re rooted in feelings of lack or not having enough. More often than not, these are simply barriers that are created in the imagination, so don’t be afraid to shine a spotlight on them. Surprisingly, it is not as scary as it sounds to identify your fears.

2. Increase Awareness

Next, ask yourself some questions about your fears and obstacles. If a fear is serving you in some way, so try to discover what that is. Ask yourself what would happen if you were to let go of the fear. Ask whether the fear is truly dangerous or if this is just a perception in your mind. You can even think back to some of your past fears you’ve dealt with in the past and if the outcome was really as bad as you imagined. Most people find that overcoming fears and obstacles is more empowering than scary.

3. Move Past Fears

You can change the way you think about fears using tools such as positive affirmations and focusing on the opposite of what your fear. The more your mind absorbs fearless thoughts and feelings, the better you’ll feel and the more you’ll draw better opportunities your way. If you do this enough, you’ll be able to overcoming fears and obstacles without as much effort. Once you start doing this on a regular basis, it can become second nature. 

Start by deciding to overcome just one fear and see what happens. Pick a fear that isn’t too hard for you and then move to bigger and bigger obstacles. Even if you have setbacks along the way, know that you can break barriers and be successful in conquering fears. Plus, practicing letting go of fears will build a muscle that says you can do it.

If you suspect your worries, limitations, or resistance are holding you back from success, try these steps to overcoming fears. You can have a more lucrative, successful and fearless life with everything you need at your disposal.


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Cheryl Hitchcock Author of “Give Your Head a Shake..and change your life for the better” is a Stress Management and Spiritual Coach with over 13 years of counselling and spiritual experience. Cheryl enables her clients to manage, as well as eliminate stress and related problems. She also conducts seminars and workshops that cater to Stress Management and Spirituality. For more information please visit the Success Formula for Change teleseminar series to help you move forward to find the job of your dreams.