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Kicking the HARD Knock Life to the curb

The difference between surviving life’s hardships and thriving in spite of them 

–A compelling true-life tale of manifested magnificence


Domestic violence, addiction, stalkers, and single motherhood are just the tip of the iceberg of Cheryl Hitchcock’s triumphant life story. Hitchcock, an extremely successful certified Life and Spiritual Coach endured adversities that most people wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. Refusing to peril in light of her obstacles, she chose instead to create a harmonious and prosperous life from them.

Cheryl Hitchcock, DSW, ADC, CACCF worked her way through college while on welfare and caring for her young daughter. “I knew that I wanted a better life for myself and my child.” says Hitchcock, “I knew that an education was the first step no matter how hard it was to manage everything at once.”

Finding the motivation to persist when her surroundings where against her was the challenge that led her to seek an advanced and diverse education in the form of collegiate and spiritual studies. With the combination of medical, clinical, and spiritual knowledge, Hitchcock created a unique brand of life coaching; she has cultivated a following so large, that in a few short years in her private practice she is already near full capacity.

Hitchcock is thankful for the challenges she encountered in her past. “My life experiences have allowed me to relate to my clients on level that creates a strong bond of trust, which is the first step to allowing someone to help.” adds Hitchcock.

In an eye-opening and inspirational interview Hitchcock discusses her road to love and success and reveals:

  • Family turmoil and her dangerous career as a former therapist to the criminally insane
  • Working off welfare–taking her daughter to her college classes and working double shifts
  • The life lessons she has used to manifest the life she always wanted
  • Proven ways to remove the stress from life and truly relax
  • Overcoming workplace worry- from corner office to cubicle


With her well received book Just Give Your Head a Shake…and Change Your Life for the Better, Hitchcock delivers a practical guide to understanding life and how we can manifest our own magnificence.  “Isn’t that what life is about…to learn, grow, and become the best person that you can be while living an abundant life?” asks Hitchcock, “I want to pass on my knowledge and tools so that people can enhance their lives and live to their potential.”

Hitchcock’s sweet and sassy personality comes through in the text of her book as it begins with explaining the origins of our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, and then provides tools on how to use them to reap positive results.


Cheryl Hitchcock, DSW, ADC, CACCF is a certified clinical counselor from Toronto, ON. She has extensive expertise in the areas of general counseling, developmental disabilities, mental health and addictions. Cheryl also holds a specialized forensic certification in the areas of high-risk sexual behaviors and anger management. Cheryl uses a diverse repertoire of skills that enable her to guide individuals so that they can foster healthy, positive and sustainable change in their lives and foster the ideal vision of their existence.


Available for purchase at all major online bookselling sites
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (October 28, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1440179840
ISBN-13: 978-1440179846