Perceptions & Beliefs

By: Cheryl Hitchcock

The one thing that often leads to disagreements is when other people don’t see things our way.  It is a clash of perceptions and beliefs which often leads to making negative judgements about the person who disagrees with your point of view.

In this article I will be talking about changing negative perceptions and beliefs that may have been holding you back from truly enjoying your life to the fullest. We are all individuals with differing viewpoints and beliefs, but we are still interconnected as human beings and each of us has many wonderful gifts that we bring to this life.  We need not judge a person harshly because her beliefs and perceptions are different from yours.

Our perceptions and beliefs for the most part are formed early in life and our thoughts and patterns of behaviour are dictated by these. Your family and others in your life educate you about your culture, religion, life, politics, food, hygiene, marriage, raising children, etc, etc. So if perceptions and beliefs are long standing you might think that it will be too hard to change the negative ones, but it is not.

If you can change a perception or belief about a particular issue, especially one that is proving to be detrimental to you, then you can change in a way that will help you to be more positive, successful and peaceful. It is difficult to see our way out of a negative situation when we only have one perspective, perception or belief about that issue. We tend to start going in circles, thinking about and trying the same things and expecting different results. We know that change doesn’t work that way. We need to expand our minds about our beliefs and perceptions so that we allow new ways of thinking to come in and new results to follow.

As individual as you and your beliefs and perceptions are, everyone else is just as individual in their beliefs and perceptions. Being aware of your own thoughts, beliefs and perceptions is the start to becoming more present with others and life in general. You will be able to become more present with your spirituality as well. Keeping your mind open to different perceptions and understanding differing beliefs will not only increase your mental and physical well being but you will also be able to manifest the life that you want. Your mind will be open to whatever is coming into your life that will benefit you and lead you to your ideal life.

It is never too late to change a negative behaviour and this includes belief systems and perceptions. Hold on to the positive ones and discard the negative, and the next time someone has a differing belief or perception, reserve judgement and listen to their view, it just might be enlightening.

Remember to keep your face to the sunshine


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