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Integrity Counselling & Coaching Services Help People Lead Better Lives

(Etobicoke, Ontario February 27, 2009) – Integrity Counselling & Coaching Services provides in-person, phone and online counselling & coaching services to people who would like to better balance their lives, alleviate stress and resolve issues that are keeping them from achieving peace & happiness in their lives.

With today’s increasingly busy lifestyles, many people have trouble managing their work and personal lives. As a result, they end up stressed out and find themselves unable to reach their goals and realize the success they desire. Integrity Counselling & Coaching Services can help people get the most out of life by making changes to improve their situations, whether they need help managing personal or professional relationships, stress & anxiety, addictions, work demands or anything else they may be struggling with.

Integrity Counselling & Coaching Services is owned and operated by Cheryl Hitchcock, who has been a Certified Clinical Counsellor for over 12 years and is a dedicated and experienced Spiritual Coach. Hitchcock’s spiritual coaching methods teach people from all walks of life to use their own energy to change their mindset, which ultimately leads to a better quality of life. Throughout her career, Hitchcock has helped many people conquer self-esteem and empowerment issues, negative communication styles and attitudes, work stress, and many other challenges that people face on a daily basis. For more information or to request a free consultation, please visit


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