The 5 Stages Of Change For Money And Success

By:  Cheryl Hitchcock

Too often, people view money and success as out of reach, but these things are obtainable if you are willing to set a goal and move through the 5 stages of change. However, some people see their goal as impossible or don’t take action to go after it. Others might self-sabotage or procrastinate. Sometimes it is simply easier to make excuses and stay where you are than it is to change. The good news is all these things are normal and actually a part of the change process. You might do things like tolerate being in a dead-end job or endlessly contemplate starting a business, but the good news is you don’t have to do these things forever.

The fact is that one of the top reasons people don’t get ahead is because they think they are stuck. And being stuck doesn’t just mean that you’re literally unable to make more money and pay bills, but you can also get stuck in a mindset that is no longer working for you. If you want to make money and increase your income (or, make any change in our life), it helps tremendously to identify the stage of change you are in and how to cycle through the entire change process.

Tackle the 5 Stages of Change Quickly

Many people don’t realize that for any change, there are 5 stages of change that a person naturally moves through. Sometimes these 5 stages are passed by so quickly that changes seem effortless, while other times you can stay in one stage indefinitely. The good news is there is hope for making any change you want without waiting for months or years for “something to happen.” The key is in becoming aware of the stages of change and where you stand today.

Take a look at the stages below and imagine a change you’ve made in the past. You’ll find that no matter what the change, you automatically went thought this process step by step.

Step 1: Precontemplation: This first step often happens without your awareness. You’re not yet contemplating change, but you know is that something is not working in your life. Other might people make comments that you seem unhappy, but you aren’t fully aware of what is causing the negative feelings.

Step 2: Contemplation: This is when you’re considering and weighing your options for change, but not yet taking action.

Step 3: Preparation: This is where you are making the preparations for the action involved with change whether it’s mental, physical or emotional. You’re determined and at the final stages of readiness, although still not taking action to create the desired change.

Step 4: Action: At this stage, you’re moving forward with making the change happen.

Step 5: Maintenance: You’re engaged in creating change and working to maintain the actions you have taken.

Using the Formula for Money and Success

Once you have the awareness to know where you are in the change process, you can move through any change more quickly. This means that big changes like career decisions and increasing your income don’t have to end in self-doubt. Instead, you can quickly determine which of the stages of change you are in and move forward to bigger and better opportunities.

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