Positive Mindset Is The Key To Happiness And Success

Did you know that success is a product of happiness – not the other way ‘round? According to former Harvard professor and author Shawn Achor, we’ve been thinking about success and happiness backward for millennia; that hard work and success will lead to happiness. As he explains in his book The Happiness Advantage, and this […]

5 Most Common Limiting Beliefs To Overcome

I’ve written extensively about the effects of limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. I’ve even gone so far as to create the FATE Blueprint Workbook, as a tool to help you overcome your own limiting beliefs. Yet, far too many people either avoid or rationalize the belief system they’ve developed; as a way to […]

Spirit Guides And Angel Readings

For most of my life I have been in touch with my guiding Spirits and Higher Self. I tried to turn off these visions when I was a child because I found them to be a bit unnerving, and did not understand what was happening or how to use my gifts. As an adult I […]

Goal Setting – How Your Goals May Be Limiting Your Ambitions

We’ve all heard this saying many times in our lives: “She can’t see the forest for the trees”. The meaning is clear, that you can’t see the whole situation clearly because you’re looking too closely at small details, or because you’re too closely involved. Often though, the reverse is even more true, that you can’t […]

Why Change Is Frightening

If you’re unhappy, it makes sense to make changes to your life that will lead to increased happiness. Yet change can be frightening, as evidenced that so few actually do make those changes in their lives. Understanding your fear of change is the first step to enabling yourself to change your life for the better. […]

When Empowering Beliefs Become Limiting Beliefs

The experiences you have in life go a very long way toward determining what you believe about the world, other people, and yourself. All of your perceptions, beliefs, and reality are the basis for your experiences, leading you to take action that you hope will benefit you in some way. However, there are times when […]

How Your Beliefs Are Limiting You

Limiting beliefs are those thoughts which you may hold very dear, yet which also constrain you in some way. Because you believe them, you will not think, do or say the things these thoughts inhibit. You may have beliefs about rights, duties, abilities, permissions that restrain you from taking action, or from accepting action taken […]

PTSD Coping Skills And Strategies

Virtually anyone who has been exposed to an overwhelmingly stressful situation can experience the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. If this has happened in your life, you may need help learning to cope with PTSD. While it cannot be said that there is a “cure” for PTSD, you can learn to use Positive Coping Actions […]

Coping With PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder has been in the media quite a bit for the past decade or so, largely due to media outlets focusing on the phenomena in veterans returning from wars in the Middle East. These reports have focused on the symptoms of PTSD, as well as therapies and treatments for PTSD. This is a […]

How Your Experiences Affect Your Perception Of Reality

A client walks into her therapists’ office in obvious distress. She is nearly incapacitated with grief, and is barely able to find the chair she always uses to sit and talk to her therapist. She is so upset, she is nearly suicidal; believing that the world is so filled with evil there is no sense […]