Why Change Is Frightening

If you’re unhappy, it makes sense to make changes to your life that will lead to increased happiness. Yet change can be frightening, as evidenced that so few actually do make those changes in their lives. Understanding your fear of change is the first step to enabling yourself to change your life for the better. […]

How Your Experiences Affect Your Perception Of Reality

A client walks into her therapists’ office in obvious distress. She is nearly incapacitated with grief, and is barely able to find the chair she always uses to sit and talk to her therapist. She is so upset, she is nearly suicidal; believing that the world is so filled with evil there is no sense […]

5 Tips For Success In Your New Year’s Resolution

Often, coping with stress is about not setting yourself up for failure. For example, setting goals for yourself that you know you’re unlikely to reach can make every day more stressful. As we head into a New Year, this becomes more problematic, especially if your New Year’s Resolution centers on something you’re fairly certain you […]

Fall Is For Reflection – Not Depression

Fall is a time of reflection for many; a time for looking inward and taking stock. For some however, it’s can also be a gloomy time of year, leading to depression. For some mothers in particular, once the hectic pace of the back-to-school season comes to an end, and life begins to settle down a […]

Toronto Stress Management Coach

Based in Toronto since 2007, my counseling practice employs a variety of techniques and strategies for stress management, mind mastery, and life management coaching. I bring more than 20 years of experience in the mental health field to the task of helping you find peace and happiness in life, as well as an eclectic mixture […]

How To Be A Better Role Model For Your Children

Many years ago NBA All Star Charles Barkley was famously quoted as say, “I am not a role model.” Of course we all knew at the time, as did Mr. Barkley I’m sure, that what he’d said was incorrect, for sports stars and other celebrities are indeed role models to children whether we, or they, […]

Stress And The Law Of Identity

In a previous post I shared my thoughts about the Law of Identity. Why did we do that here, of all places? Well, as you’ll soon realize, we had a purpose. We always have a purpose, devious though it may seem… As I’ve mentioned many times, stress is a natural part of life, whether physical, […]

The Law Of Identity

In the world of the politically correct, the Law of Identity has become passé, if not completely meaningless. Yet, without it, we could never understand the world in which we live. While it’s certainly true that the names we apply to things is somewhat arbitrary, those things do possess a unique identity, in and of […]

New Year, New Life – Following Through On Your Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, when many of us consider making major changes to our lives, with resolutions to “Be happier,” “Make a difference in the world,” “Earn more money,” Be a better parent/life partner,” “Get more exercise,” “Lose weight,” and many more. Unfortunately, while many of us resolve to “do something” to improve […]

How To Laugh At Stress

Up to this point in this series on the Healing Power of Laughter and stress reduction, I’ve explained some of the reasons that laughter is a great tool for stress reduction, both physically and mentally. In this post, I would like to offer some practical tools that will help you find the humour, and the […]