Do You Have The Power To Change? Yes You Do!

Really, I do? Yes, you do, in your mind and in your heart; you have the power to change.

Do you regularly feel unhappy? Do you spend your days feeling angry and resentful? Are most people you meet “just too stupid to live?” You need an attitude adjustment. You need to make some changes.

Being unhappy and living in emotional pain is not the normal state of living for human beings. We all have the power to change, to become happy and, if you’ve decided that you’re tired of living life in the dead zone, you are ready to make a change.

Do you really want to?

To begin the process of change, you must first decide whether you really want to change. Many people express this desire, yet are unwilling to commit to the work to it requires. If you really want to change yourself, and your life, you need to commit, right now, to changing your beliefs and perspectives.

Practice forgiveness

If you never make mistakes you don’t need to read this. However, if you’re like the rest of us, you do make mistakes, and when you’re forgiven, you feel good. Practicing forgiveness, and sharing the good feelings that doing so will generate, is a great way to begin using the power to change.

Avoid resentment

Do not resent others for being happy when you are not. Instead, use these happy people as role models for the changes you wish to make in your own life. Do not envy others for the things they have that you do not. Instead, be glad for them that they are successful, and realize that by changing your attitude and becoming more positive, you are more likely to achieve the same things.

Be positive

And we don’t mean positively nasty all the time. What will it cost you to be more positive, anyway? Negativity is a huge energy suck and a black hole of stress. By constantly being negative you demean yourself and everyone around you. Please, don’t be that gal. Get positive about your situation – and your life – and you will see positive results.

You don’t have to live a miserable life. You can leave the emotional wasteland behind. By adjusting your attitude, beginning today, you will see the world, and yourself, in a whole new, wonderful perspective.

If you decide you need help with your attitude adjustment, Integrity Counseling Services would love to help you discover the ways that You Have the Power to Change.

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