Finding Your Dreams

What would it be like to live a life without dreams? Many of us have grown up with different ideas about what it means to have a dream. For some people, their dreams are hopes or wishes, but they don’t really believe they’ll ever achieve them. For others, their dreams are seen as pursuable and possible. You could take two people with exactly the same dream and depending on how they view that dream, one person will take a certain path and the other will choose another direction. One path might cause that dream to become bigger and brighter, while the other might keep the dream at bay like a star in the sky, growing dimmer.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your dream is, when you have a dream that you believe could be achieved, your life becomes enriched. Even if you never actually achieve your dream, that pursuit and the possibility of the achievement can color your life in a beautiful way. Having a dream brightens the mundane moments of life. It makes you sit up and feel like your time in this world means something. For some of us, our dreams are simple (or may look that way on the surface) while for others, dreams are a one in a million chance. Yet if we believe in that chance we retain a feeling of hopefulness in our hearts. In any big dream, someone will eventually get their. Why not dream about that person being you?

Whether your dream is far away like a distant star or something closer, let it evolve as you evolve. Some dreams do eventually fall off the radar because we change. Other dreams tend to follow us since childhood and we just can’t shake them off. Still, other dreams are hidden and just waiting for us to find them. Have you given up on achieving your dreams or do they still show a glimmer of light? Perhaps you need to send a request to the Universe to show you your dreams again. Believe me, everyone has a dream somewhere inside.


  1. True, we all have a dream (or maybe even more than just one) deep in ourself. Dreaming of becoming rich and happy is the dream of every soul living on earth. But we are all rich already. We are all millionaires. Not with money, but with the richness we possess in ourself. The only sad thing is that we do not have access to this treasure. Or better said, we think we do not have access to our own Fort Knox, but we have! We just need to find the key. Or better said, we need no key at all. All what we need to do, is to remove the big obstacle in our way. The obstacle is our mind, because we are thinking all the time, so we do not have the time to see elsewhere. That elsewhere is your Fort Knox. Stop thinking for a while and enter the large room containing your dream!
    Yes, I know that, but I have not made the experience myself either. So, my dream is to discover my dreams!!!

  2. Never stop pursuing your dreams because they will become your reality. Great comment!!

  3. Follow your dream. Have hope and faith in everything. Just pray because God answers. 🙂

  4. IntegrityAdmin says:

    “Thank you, I am happy and grateful for your feedback and I hope that I continue to serve others in a positive and productive way. Cheers” – Cheryl

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