For Better Or For Worse: The Power Of Acceptance

Whether you are single or in a relationship, practicing acceptance is important. Acceptance brings with it a sense of being present, embracing the moment, and no longer resisting the inevitable.

For people in relationships, acceptance of your partner is critical to creating a sense of safety together. When you feel accepted, the message comes across that “even though everything might not be perfect, it’s okay and we can work through it; I am there for you and you are there for me.” This creates a safe space where you can see your partner authentically and approach him or her with appreciation and understanding.

Instead of cursing what is wrong or wishing things were different, acceptance also allows you to let go of judgment. There is a purity that remains. This creates a more neutral space to work out problems and allows your partner to feel less threatened. One of the scariest things in a relationship is the worry of rejection—and this fear alone can be dissolved when you practice acceptance.

Remember, it’s not about being passive and accepting what is troubling without a need for change. It’s creating a space for this dialogue. When you create a sense of safety by practicing acceptance, honesty and trust will most likely follow. You’ll be less likely to focus on the things that aren’t working. This is the space where you’re both more receptive and change is possible.

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