Give Yourself A Confidence Makeover

Some of the biggest problems people face are rooted in lack of confidence. Since no one is immune to these issues, it can be helpful to give yourself a confidence makeover every now and then. It might feel strange at first, but pumping yourself up is a great remedy for all kinds of things, even those problems that result in anxiety and depression.

Here are some confidence boosters drawn from my ebook Just Give Your Head a Shake. Trying even one of them can help you feel happier and more at peace.

  • Try to identify the areas that are affecting your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. (What are your internal voices saying to you?) Notice the moments when you limit yourself or decide you cannot have something. There are no limits except those that you create.
  • Take inventory of your internal messages that tie into your self-esteem and self- worth (Are they true?) Some of them have been there for life or put there by someone else. While you don’t need to dwell on childhood issues, it can be good to at least be aware of what you were taught and might believe about yourself.
  • Identify the fears and barriers to your success (one of the more popular fears is the fear of success!). Once you have identified some of your fears, poke fun at them and try to take them less seriously. Make up a song about your fears and problems and notice how different they feel. 
  • Write a list of your positive attributes in all aspects of your life. You can even take a problem you are facing and instead of focusing on the problem, start writing out reasons why you’ll get through it. This is a great confidence booster to do when you’re feeling uncertain or upset.
  • Write a list of goals that you have envisioned but did not think were achievable based on your old patterns of self-esteem. Think of yourself as the queen of your kingdom and make of list of what you want from this higher perspective.

When lack of confidence is no longer an issue, know that the rewards are many. You deserve the best in life and there is so much to receive!

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