How To Get Comfortable With Making Changes – Big Or Small

The most successful people that most of us know are those who are accomplished at dealing with change and, since change is the only constant in life, it’s a good idea for all of us to improve the way we deal with it. If you’re having trouble dealing with change, or if you wish to make changes to your life, the best way to accomplish this is through practice.

Bringing balance to our lives is what we all seek. The inability to adapt to change, or to change the things which unbalance our lives, is what holds many of us back. However, if we practice change, and adapting to it, the balance we seek in our lives will come naturally.

The Change Snowball

The best way to begin dealing with change in your life is to start small and build on your success, gaining momentum along the way. Pick one thing to change about your life, one small thing, and begin. Once you’ve found success there, move on to the next thing you wish to change. Continue this progression until you have your life in balance.

This is called The Change Snowball, a practical way to implement change which will help you become successful.

  • Make a list of things to change
  • Begin with the smallest, easiest thing
  • Progress to the next easiest
  • Save the biggest task for last
  • Track your results
  • Catalogue your success
  • Share your achievement

This is called the Change Snowball, a practical way to implement change which will help you become successful. Think of a snowball rolling downhill. As it rolls, it gains momentum and grows larger and larger. This is what the Change Snowball can do for you, helping you to gain momentum, and confidence in your ability to accept and handle change in your life.

Starting too big is a losing proposition

Remember this, a snowball begins small and grows larger, not the other way around. By placing the smaller tasks at the top of the hill, so to speak, you will allow nature and gravity, or momentum, to impel you along the way. By tracking your results and cataloguing your success, you will have a record to fall back on when you feel overwhelmed by the next challenge. By sharing your achievements with friends and family, you will gain positive feedback, and the resolve to continue to the larger challenges ahead.

Dealing with change in your life, or changing the things you don’t enjoy about your life, can be difficult. However, by using The Change Snowball, you will make the process easier, and you will improve your odds of success. The first step is to decide to embrace change, the next is to begin – small – and build on your success.


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