How To Let Go Of Outdated Beliefs

Why do we latch on to certain beliefs and not others? One reason is that we are repeating behavior learned in childhood. Our belief systems are a cycle and if we don’t do anything to transform them, we will continue to hang on to old beliefs and behaviors, repeating them over and over.

Through my experience I have learned that it is easier for people to change what they see as a negative belief if they know where it comes from. Having a true understanding can help you get to the bottom of why you believe in certain things and not others.

Here are some ways to let go of beliefs that you’ve outgrown:

Notice when you are fearful. Fears are often an indication of a fearful, outdated belief system, such as, “I’ve failed before so I will fail again,” or “I’m too afraid to get hurt again.” This could indicate a belief system that started in childhood and protected you, but is now holding you back from change. Remember, when you were five you may not have been able to ride a bike, but you can certainly learn how to do it now—and you can learn to do anything else with a positive mind.

Create room for positive change and growth in your life. Notice the people and activities that enhance your life and spend more time in this positive place. Sometimes this means letting go of people or situations that no longer serve you, but this discarding will help promote growth.

Change your perception to excitement. Take any belief that is negative and instead of being fearful of changing it, start to see the change as a new and exciting adventure. Notice how different that feels from viewing it as fearful. Through this awareness, you will expand your mind, open yourself to more positive energy and be able to manifest what you need in your life.

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