How To Love Yourself And Find More Love

Love comes in many different forms. There is romantic love, friendship love, love for family, and love for yourself to name a few examples.  The love that seems the most challenging for people is self-love or the willingness to love yourself. Most people are their own worst enemies. It’s hard to understand at times, but if you can’t find love in your own heart, you won’t find it in your life.

This is a tough concept in some ways because most of us desperately want love to come from another person or thing out there. We want to be told how wonderful we are and to have love given to us. It’s so much easier to think that love is out there waiting to be found, rather than it bubbles up from the inside out. Whether you are single or married, it can be a great let down when the person or thing that you believe is the source of your love lets you down.

The most important thing to know is that love does not come from anywhere outside your own heart. It never has and it never will. If you cultivate loving feelings inside, they will show up in your world. Love is also highly tied to feelings of self-worth, so the more love you can feel in your heart, the more you’ll feel worthy of multiplying it. In this way, creating self-love is the pathway to accepting and creating better relationships with others!

Here are some ways to love yourself more:

  • Be nicer to yourself: Try to do something nice for yourself every day. Remember too that nice things don’t have to take much time.
  • Share love with others: As you build your own feelings of love, share them. Pass along the joy in your heart. Again, this doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be as small as holding the door open for a stranger or a smile.
  • Give yourself a break: Mistakes and growth are part of the process. Sometimes, the hardest part about learning to love yourself is being willing to forgive.

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