How To Make Meditation More Powerful

After starting a meditation practice, most people wonder after a few weeks or months if they are “doing it right.” This is a really common concern, especially since you might notice that the harder you try to clear your mind and meditate, the more distractions you’ll notice.

The good news is that it’s not the quantity of meditation, but the quality that counts. Being able to clear your mind and concentrate for a few minutes is better than a longer meditation where you’re distracted. Sometimes, people who’ve been meditating for a long time “let down their guard” and don’t give it the same depth of concentration they did in the beginning, so it’s important to be honest with your progress.

Becoming aware of where you’re at in your practice will help it to become more powerful and give you stronger results. It’s amazing to recognize that the more you can calm and quiet the mind, the more positive and powerful your energy. This, in turn, attracts the same flow of energy to you. Each one of us has the potential to change our energy and bring what we want into our lives by going within.

Trying surrendering to the experience of meditation and become the observer of your mind. Instead of fighting the mind chatter (images, thoughts, feelings), let them pass by just like images on a movie screen. Try not to add any labels or emotions to the mind chatter. Instead, just become the observer. This can actually allow in moments of quieting the mind completely. After being in this quiet place, you’ll be more connected to your Spiritual Source of power.

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