How To Overcome Resistance To Change

Overcoming resistance to change takes work, whether you are trying to make changes in your own life or are trying to effect changes in the life of a loved one. However, the good news is, it definitely can be done, as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

Much of what we will offer here derives from a recent study by the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, which was geared toward the workplace, but which has practical value to the individual who is trying to effect change in their own life.

To overcome resistance to change, the modification must have value; be understandable and justifiable; and must be of direct benefit to the person who is making the change. Without these characteristics, the alteration will be perceived as merely “change for change’s sake,” and will be rejected, perhaps vehemently.

  • The change must have value. There must be a clear and understandable benefit to the individual making the change, or the attempt to change will fail. While resistance to change may, in this case, seem selfish, understanding that this is likely a simple example of human nature will help to make implementation of the alteration you seek more likely.
  • The change must be easy to understand. Making a life-altering change is difficult enough for most people that resistance to change becomes second nature. By making the reason, and the action, simple and easy to understand, you will much more likely to succeed in effecting the change you seek; whether in yourself or another.
  • The change must be justified. With the effort required by most to effect significant change in their lives, if the reasons and benefits of the change you seek cannot be easily justified, significant change will be impossible. A real cost-benefit analysis from the change you seek will go a long way in helping you to effect that change.
  • The commitment to change must be real. without the commitment to act, nothing is possible for human beings, for it is our actions which define us. All the good intentions in the world mean nothing in the face of the lack of will to action. If the individual does not commit to the change you seek, be it yourself or someone else, quite simply – nothing will happen.

Once you understand the need for action, the need for change, you can begin the process of changing. Once you realize the value of the actions you need to take to change, you will understand the justification for them, and you will be able to commit to them fully and freely. This is the only way to overcome your resistance to change; or the same resistance in another.

Remember this, “That which you resist will forever exist.”

If you are trying to overcome your own tendency toward resistance to change, and believe you would benefit from therapeutic help in doing so, get in touch with me today.


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