How To Overcome Resistance To Spiritual Growth

Many people express the desire to grow spiritually, yet they resist the steps required to get there. Why? Simply, because these steps take them outside their spiritual comfort zone; requiring them to examine their lives, thought processes, and belief systems. This is not an easy thing to do yet, as human beings; we do have the power to change, as long as we discover the will to do so.

An interesting article by Rivka Slatkin, titled “Organizing Your Spiritual Growth,” gives a helpful outline for making the changes required to overcome your resistance to spiritual growth. Although her definition of organization is a bit vague, her “G.R.O.W.T.H.” system for identifying and moving beyond your tendencies toward resistance are wonderful exercises in overcoming that resistance. What does this acronym stand for?

G – Gratitude

R – Resistance

O – Objectives

W – Worries

T – Technicalities

H – Habits

Beginning with a Gratitude Journal, which is particularly valuable and about which we’ve spoken before, Ms. Slatkin’s exercise will help you identify what you really want in life; the things you should already be thankful for; why you resist doing what it takes to achieve that which you seek; and the mental and physical blocks you put in place to sabotage yourself. Once you’ve identified all of these things, overcoming them becomes much simpler – and the steps you take to reach your goals become a great deal more effective.

Contrary to a great deal of popular thinking and practice, achieving spiritual growth is NOT all about “feeling” spiritual. Overcoming resistance to spiritual growth requires the practical application of thought. It also requires practice, which requires organization. After all, when are you going to practice and think things through if you don’t organize your life and set aside some time to “be” spiritual?

As the saying goes, “You play like you practice.” If you do not practice being spiritual, you will never be able to realize your spiritual goals in the day-to-day game of life.

Remember this, “That which you resist will forever exist.”

If you are trying to overcome your own tendency toward resistance to spiritual growth, and believe you would benefit from therapeutic help in doing so, get in touch with us today.



  1. I agree with “that which you resist will forever exist”.Many people are having a hard time in allowing spiritual growth even-though they encountered it many times in their lives.I highly recommend therapeutic help.

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