How To Start Over With Your Life Stories

Have you ever wanted to start over? Perhaps you are still living with the life story you created 10 years ago, even though it’s outdated. Or maybe you’ve had some big accomplishments recently and now wonder: What’s next?

Well, one way to start over is to write a new life story. Start with what you want right NOW and make a list. Don’t be surprised if you’re writing brand new things for your new life, but welcome the changes. This just means you’ve outgrown the old you and have your eyes on something new. Here’s how to do this:

1. Write your goals in the present tense. Use “I am” statements, rather than “I want.” For example, “I am powerful, strong, resourceful, and content.” Write whatever kinds of “I am” statements resonate with you. Even though they may not be true yet, write them down or say them as if they are true and happening now.

2. Make sure that your goals aren’t contradictory: If you are saying you want to publish a book in the next year, but you also want to do ten other big products, consider creating smaller goals that are more in alignment with each other. Otherwise your mind and the Universe are going to be confused.

2. Put your list where you can see it. As funny as it sounds one of the best places for a goal list is next to the toilet. You know that you’re definitely going to spend time in that room every day and that it’s also a private place where you can read without getting interrupted!

3. Read and visualize your list. This can literally done in less than five minutes. All you need to do is read your list either silently or aloud. As you read each item, imagine a picture of yourself doing the action. Then, move on to the next item, identifying a picture to visualize with each statement.

5. Read your list—especially on bad days. The list is most powerful not when you are excited to read it, but when you are feeling down. So, keep reading and dedicate yourself to focusing on your life stories every day for minimum of a few months. I guarantee that things will start to happen.

5. Be thankful and release. Believe that your life stories is already part of you. It is not out there waiting, but yours right now.

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