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Hi Everyone,

Did you know that if you look at each day as a blessing then you see the world in a different way?

It’s a beautifully sunny day here in Toronto, the sky is blue and it’s warmer than the previous few weeks. Yes it’s the middle of winter, and a cold, snowy winter at that.

It helps if you to view life in a positive way, and not to set unrealistic expectations. Setting too high, or unrealistic expectations are only going to lead to disappointment. Many would say that it’s the middle of winter and that they are sick of it. Well sure February is a month when we get ‘down’ the most about the weather but I’ve heard many people say that they don’t like the cold, or the snow.

Well this is Canada! Embrace the cold! Play in the snow! We do have winter months and cold weather. It’s an unrealistic expectation that winter in Canada should be short and warm with only intermittent snowfall. It may sound silly but that’s what alot of people think and set their minds to, and when it doesn’t happen they get depressed, grumpy, negative, you get the picture.

So I say, look at the positive in each day (the cold weather does have its advantages). The snow is a beautiful sight.

Be thankful that you are here to enjoy it, or hate it (the weather that is).

The winter, although it may seem to drag on forever at times, is temporary and will come to an end.

Each day brings with it a chance to explore, live, create, love, help, nurture and be all that you envision yourself to be. It can also hold many surprises (just like a treasure hunt)!

Release the unrealistic expectations and appreciate all that we have been given on this vast planet, because we are only here for a short while, and in that time you can leave a lasting impression. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Keep Your Face to the Sunshine!


Cheryl Hitchcock DSW, ADC

Certified Clinical Counsellor and Spiritual Coach

I help change lives for the better!


  1. How true it is!!!

    I like to look at the bright side. The winter months only mean that the spring and summer are around the corner. Hot days and summer holidays are on its way and most of all the snow is better than a rainy day inside. Dress up warm, have fun and make a snowman and throw some snowballs.

    If we didn’t have the snow and cold at this time of year that would mean that we are going through a polar shift which means bad news for the world. WE DO NOT WANT THAT! I love the winter and always look forward to a new season beginning at the end of each season.

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  2. You bring out many good points. Some people feel that if we don’t complain about the weather, we are not Canadian. It’s sad that people see themselves this way. The weather is what it is and can’t be changed. So embrace it or move to a warmer climate. Simple.

    Negativity is like a snowball coming down a mountain, the more you create, the bigger it grows. Changing to a more positive mind set will lead to more happiness. Life is short enough, so enjoy it.

  3. Great comments!! This is Canada, and we are blessed to have changing seasons. God has blessed us with new and beautiful scenery 4 times a year, wow!! I like the positive mindsets that you both have and that you’ve accepted and even embraced that which you cannot change! Koodos to you:)

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