Inspiration For Today

What kind of day is it going to be for you today? Good, bad, awful, tiring, fantastic, wonderful, great? When you answer this question, you are aligning yourself with the Universal energy source. Make sure your answer is in keeping with the type of energy you want to put out to the world. You will bring back into your life the equal energy frequency and vibration that you put out, so think about this before you send out negative vibes.

If you feel that it is going to be a negative kind of day for you then it will be! If you say, think, and feel that you are going to be great, do great things, and have a great day then you will. If your thoughts, actions and feelings are not in sync with each other than you will send out the most powerful energy you have. This means that if you say you are going to do well at work today, but have a strong belief system that you are not good enough to do the job then you will send out the negative. Your subconscious is strong and drives the conscious mind.

You can change that, so keep saying and doing and feeling the positive and the subconscious will begin to vibrate with those thoughts, energy vibrations and emotions so that the subconscious begins to align with the conscious and then begins to manifest that which you desire.

I’m not asking you to believe me because I wrote this and I’ve been studying this for years, I am asking that you go out into your world and try it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose, expect for your negative energy and beliefs, and it costs you nothing, you don’t have to carry anything with you, it’s not a burden in any way. You will however, get the benefit of being a more positive person, and that will change everything.

Remember to keep your face to the sunshine!

I’m off to California in two weeks for a 2 day intensive mastermind coaching group with superstar business coach, David Neagle. I’ll let you know all about it when I return. If you want to learn more about him you can go to and check him out.

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