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Well I’ve returned from sunny California and I’m so excited about my experience there. I feel truly grateful to have been given this opportunity to work with David Neagle. He is one of the top mastermind Business Coaches today.

David Neagle really helps entreprenuers to bring their business to the 6 and 7 figure income range within 12 months. I always say that if you are going to do something in this life, do it in a big way, and in an authentic way.

I first had to wrap my head around looking at myself as a business person as well as a therapist and coach. My focus was always on helping people and I had no idea that having my own practice meant that I had to look at myself as a business as well. The only way that I will get to help more people, which is my first thought, is to expand my practice and business to reach more people. This way I can help in a big way.

So in keeping with this mindset I had to learn about business and marketing. I thought naturally of working with David Neagle, only one problem, his fees were out of my reach at that time. So I decided to do some meditation and contemplation around manifesting this situation for myself and my business. I put it out to the Universe, got clear about what I needed and then released it. I knew without a doubt that a way would become clear. I then received an email from David Neagle’s team saying that David was going to do something he has never done before and offer a 2 day intensive workshop for 20 people who need help bringing their businesses to the next big level. The truly great part was that he was going to do this at an incredibly reduced rate, one that I could afford at this time too!

Well that was a no brainer and I signed up immediately. It turned out to be an incredible experience. There were people from all over the globe, including Singapore, who felt as blessed as I did to be taking part in this group. Let me tell you that those 2 days were quite intensive and filled with hands on strategies that were designed specifically around each persons business and marketing needs.

The one thing that we all had in common is the knowledge that we had manifested something wonderful for ourselves. The mindset was the same in that we all knew that we could create exactly what we need and want in life if we live through purpose and service, and that aligning our energy with the Universal source would indeed bring about exactly what was meant to be.

So of course I am thankful to the Universe as well as David Neagle and his team for the wonderful, knowledgeable, and professional experience. I am also happy and grateful for being given the opportunity to meet and work with the other members of the group, who also taught me a great deal about business and friendship.

Remember to keep your face to the sunshine!

Cheryl Hitchcock DSW, ADC, CACCF

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