Inspiration For Today

Hi Everyone

I’m fresh off my workshop about Change and Overcoming Negative Behaviours. It was great getting together with the smaller audiences so that we could really interact one to one. I love that. Of course right after I like to get away if possible and decided to go up north for a long weekend. I was totally disconnected  from technology and able to connect fully with the Universe and my inner Self.

I recommend that all of you take some time for yourself and disconnect from all of the stress enhancing activities that you go through every day. I want everyone to know this, taking time for yourself is not selfish! It’s necessary to recharge your batteries and get in touch with the Spiritual source that abides within each and every one of us.

We come up with every conceivable excuse why we can’t take time to just chill out but that’s all they are – excuses! Change your mind and if you’re always on the go and can’t take any down time, change those excuses from why you need to stay busy to why you need to relax.  Make that change. Change your mind and change your reality, your life.

Your world will not crumble to the ground if you take time for yourself and you just might if you don’t take the time for yourself.

I have an announcement to make really soon that could literally help you change your life. It’s really great and something that everyone should know about, and it will make your life so much easier. So watch for my upcoming announcement on my ezine and blog. I’m very excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you. You can sign up for my ezine at my website and learn how to manage stress in your life and Enchance Your Magnificence!

Remember to keep your face to the sunshine!



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