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I’m getting ready to do a blog radio interview with a wonderful Spiritual Coach by the name of Prasanna Gunturi. She is a wonderful Coach and gifted spiritualist. I featured her in my last ezine. It is with our non-competitive spirit that we are able to highlight each others work and never is a thought given to taking clients away from each other. The Universal Laws work precisely in this way but when we get our fear and ego involved that we become detached from positive outcomes and get stressed about bringing in new clients.

prasanna20gunturi1If we let go of the egoic mind that says we have to aggressively pursue the other companies clients and customers then we just sink in stress. Prasanna has graciously asked me to be her guest on her radio show on Wed. July 29th at 12:00 pm EST.  Call details: The dial in number is (347) 857-2647. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun! Be sure to tune in. To the left is a picture of Prusanna so you can visualize who I’m talking to during the interview.

I have also completed my book and it will be available to purchase shortly in ebook format, so check my blog or website for that. I have had people approach me and request the book immediately so I have decided to send it out in ebook format first and then have it printed later on. My book helps my clients to become self-reliant because that’s what I help my clients to do. It combines the traditional therapeutic aspects with the Universal Energy and spiritual teachings to really give a comprehensive, well rounded approach to managing and even eliminating stress in your life. I’m quite proud of this because I have not read many books that bring in the different psychological and spiritual realms to have them work together in a powerful tool to help people live their greatest lives in harmony with the energy that is not only in us but surrounds us in everything.

My book is called “Just Give Your Head A Shake” (The Basics). This will be a series of books that I am writing as a way of truly helping to serve others on a greater scale. I give the book this title because I believe that it is necessary to have humour in our lives and not take life or ourselves too seriously. If you bring some levity to stressful situations you can take a more objective view of them. Humour and laughing have so many healing properties for your mind and body as well.

I will let you know when the book will be available. I am so excited to be able to share this with all of you.cheryl-059

One last piece of news Integrity Counselling Services had thrown it’s hat into the running of Savvy Mom Entreprenuer of the Year award! This is obviously an award for mom entrepreneurs and if I win it will mean that I can grow my business and be able to reach many more people withthis wonderful and empowering work.   You can read my press release  or you can vote for me at my I am asking that you please pass this information on to others who you know in the spirit of loving kindness.

So there are some big events going on here at Integrity and I hope that you join in on the action!

I am so happy and grateful for all of your support. And remember to keep your face to the sunshine!


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