Living Life To The Fullest

It’s interesting this time of year, or any time the seasons start to change, to observe the changes around us. There are the tiniest of buds on the trees and above the dirt and cold ground there’s some shades of green again. It’s really amazing to observe this cycle that goes on in nature. To picture those trees in June with their giant leaves, to again picture those leaves turning colors and dropping off the branches. Everything has a cycle.

Nature really knows how to live life to the fullest—and part of that full life seems to be embracing the changes as they come. Those leaves are not afraid to grow. They are certainly not afraid to get so big they cover the tree and shade your yard. They also don’t resist that change when it’s time to become bright red or orange. In fact, those fall colors are some of the prettiest. And when winter comes and the leaves fall off and die, that tree has seen a completeness of life that comes from living to the fullest.

Can you imagine a tree that was afraid to grow? Or a tree that didn’t want to lose it’s leaves so it held on to them too long. Eventually, they would blow away in the wind or get frozen in the snow. There is certainly something we can learn from nature. We can take things like aging and seeking out new experiences and living life to the fullest as ways to keep the cycle moving. If we live life to the fullest, then our lives, like those leaves on the trees, will be huge and loving and constantly growing. We will accept the storms and difficulties as they come, but also welcome and appreciate those perfect sunny days. We will see that our lives have seasons and cycles as well.

Next time you are outside, check out those buds on the trees and align yourself to the wonderful cycle of spring. This is a time of new beginnings and growth for all living things.

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