Practicing The Art Of Giving Back

This act of giving to another person or charity can create a great deal of positive energy flowing into your life. It has been noted that the giver (and not the receiver) actually gets greater amounts of positive energy, which in turn, amplifies happiness and optimism.

practicing givingThat means that giving truly is better than receiving! Of course, you can only give what you already possess, but those things like your time, attention, thanks, and love are some of the most powerful and authentic gifts.

One thing to keep in mind regarding giving is to watch your intention or reason for giving. If you are giving primarily to receive or to “get something” in return, this can backfire. When you give you should never expect anything in return. Otherwise, this can create a negative intention, which attracts a negative flow of energy toward you. It’s not easy to let go of expectations, but its quickly apparent that giving without greed or negativity can have miraculous results. When you’re giving without expecting any particular outcome (or anything at all), you are opening yourself up to be surprised by the Universe.

Often, what happens is you give something (such as sending a thank you letter to a friend), only to get nothing back from that person. However, the next thing you know you’re receiving an unexpected thank you from a coworker—and this is beauty of receptivity thanks to your good vibes. The positive flow of energy is circulating, it just doesn’t always come the way you expect.

So, enjoy this treasure hunt of good intentions regarding giving—you never know what kinds of miracles could manifest!

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