Ring In The New Year By Letting Go

One alternative to creating traditional New Years resolutions is to create a list of “Things I’m letting go of in my life.” This can include negative thoughts and feelings, regrets, past hurts, animosity toward people, or whatever resonates with you. It could even be a major life event from your past, such as pain from a divorce or a death.

A suggestion for starting the New Year with a clean slate by letting go of the past.Anything that you have carried in your emotional arsenal can be let go of… starting now. I encourage you do this in the New Year to signify a new beginning. That means no longer giving the energy and attention to old feelings and habits.

You see, too often, we live in a world full of residuals. Everything we experience is a result of what happened yesterday. That’s why it can be hard to create resolutions and keep them for more than a few weeks. To create something new, you have to first get rid of that which is not working for you.

That’s why now is the perfect time to let go. Here’s what to do before making your New Years resolutions:

  1. Spend a few minutes thinking of something—an experience or chronic negative thought—that you no longer want in your life starting now. This should be something that has been a great burden to you and that you’re ready to stop carrying.
  2. When you’ve got something in mind, do a short ceremony to let it go. First, spend a few minutes really getting into the feeling of this burden and where it resonates in your body. Let yourself experience the hurt with all your heart and mind.
  3. Now, write it out on a piece of paper—and then burn it or tear it up with the intention that is gone forever. Do something ceremonial to signify an end, which is your new beginning! After you are done you should feel more at peace. You might even want to tell someone about your ceremony just to make it more real.
  4. Celebrate by knowing that from this moment on, you will shift your attention any time your mind brings up this thing from the past. This should bring you a great deal of relief and open you up for newer experiences.

When you do this right, you will open the door for new things and changes to be welcomed in your life!

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