contact-us_021Integrity Counselling and Coaching Services is committed to helping people make life-long changes and because of that I believe in consistency and continuity of care. Therefore, my policy is to meet regularly with my clients. This means that I will set out a plan of care after the initial assessment agreeing to a regular schedule with my clients, whether it is weekly, twice weekly or every other week, depending on the plan.


 All cancellations require 24 hours notice prior to your session otherwise you will be billed at the regular rate. If a session needs to be rescheduled, it should be rescheduled in addition to the next regularly scheduled meeting. I also ask that a minimum of 6-9 months commitment be adhered to so that issues are given adequate time to be resolved.


If in the first 30 days, the fit between client and therapist is not optimal, either the client or therapist has the option of cancelling. I will do my best to refer clients to another therapist if termination of the sessions is requested.

I do use brief solution-focused therapy in some cases and this is the only time that the 6-9 month requirement is not adhered to. In the case of brief solution-focused therapy the requirements are 8-10 sessions minimum, longer if requested. Please remember that it may have taken many years for an issue to manifest and become problematic, you cannot expect that it will be resolved in a matter of days or weeks. You owe it to yourself to dedicate the time and energy to heal yourself and make life-long changes. I am here to assist you achieving those positive changes.


Home visits consist of a one hour time slot only. Generally I confine home visits to a 20 km radius, but I am willing to speak to clients about this on an individual basis. When I am visiting with clients in their home, I require the first 1-2 sessions take place in the community. It is the client’s responsibility to provide and ensure a safe home environment for us to meet, free from harmful elements or aggressive pets. Clients must not use alcohol or illicit drugs prior to or during the session. If the home environment is not conducive to the therapeutic process or the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the session will be terminated immediately and the client will be billed at regular rate for the entire session regardless. Safety, and respect for the therapeutic process, must be upheld. I recognize that people live in diverse housing situations and I respect that, so if there are any questions or concerns with this, I am happy to speak with clients on an individual basis in order to be as flexible as possible.


Online clients can log in for a combination of 15 minute increments according to availability on the schedule. If a client signs up for a session and would like to continue on a regular basis, which is preferable, arrangements can be made to lock in the time for each session (see payment section)


All payments will be charged prior to the session beginning. Remember that the initial assessment is free and can take approximately 45 minutes.

Many people think that therapy is too costly. Think about it like this, for the cost of a night out you can make positive, life-long changes and achieve what it is that you truly want.

We spend time, money and effort to take care of our outer appearance and physical health, but without good mental health and wellbeing, our whole life can easily become de-railed.  Priority should be given to your overall mental health, it drives everything you do.

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