Setting Goals And Asking For What You Want

Setting goals does not have to be a chore. In fact, if you’re setting the right goals, they should make you feel energetic and excited. If you have no idea what your goals might be, think about what is missing in your life, what ideas or thoughts keep nagging at you, and what could you manifest to make your life more complete?

Now, think about your goals for a moment, but don’t just think about them, grab a piece of paper and write them out.

There are basically five give steps to setting goals and also a prerequisite step. That pre-step is actually the most import because it is what keeps us from writing the goal down in the first place…

So, step zero, you might say, is believing the goal is possible.

For example, if you’re wanting to meet your soulmate, but you’re not sure if an ideal mate is out there, you’ll remain stuck dating people who aren’t right for you. Anyone who wonders why they have stayed stuck for so long with a dream or goal would be wise to ask if themselves if they believe the goal is possible. What do you believe?

Once you’re ready to move forward, here are the steps:

1. Be Specific. What kind of relationship do you want, what is your ideal income, what goal have you been wanting to achieve, etc?

2. Be Measureable. What actions will you take to achieve your goal and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

3. Be Realistic. Does your goal seem realistic—why or why not? Perhaps you could adjust it or work with a professional to remove the mental blocks.

4. Have a Timeline. Give yourself a concrete deadline for when you want your goal to manifest. However, don’t worry if it passes—sometimes we set goals many times before we’re aligned with the circumstances and opportunities to achieve them.

5. Write it Down. Write everything down. This is the last step, but the most important. Also, don’t feel like every goal has to be set in stone; the hardest part is just to write it down and let it simmer.

Once you have written your goal down, you are now in a small minority of people who actually practice setting goals. This sets you apart and helps you become stronger allies with Universe by asking for what you want. Remember, the Universe doesn’t know if you don’t ask!

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