Stress Management Series Be Stress Free – Step 2 – Manage Stress

This is the second in a series of posts designed to help you manage the stress in your life. The principles shared here are derived from my eBook, Be Stress Free…Anytime, Anywhere, which is available, free of charge, when you subscribe to my E-Newsletter.

Stress Management

Having accepted the fact that you will have stress in your life, the next step is to learn to learn stress management techniques.

When a stressful situation crops up in your life, the first thing you should do is ask yourself this question, “Is there anything I can do about this situation?” Is there something you can do to manage or change the stressful situation? If not, you can choose to view it in a different manner.

The best thing to do here is to take a step back and look at the cause of your stress objectively. In other words, without your personal beliefs, perceptions, and emotions attached. Break the situation down into smaller, more manageable parts, and create a plan to deal with each part individually.

Ask yourself this question, “Is getting upset going to reduce my stress level, or increase it?” Unfortunately, it is human nature to think about worst-case scenarios when looking at stressful events in our lives. In fact, the majority of the time (over 98%), the worst-case scenario does not develop and, by thinking that way, we will actually have created even more stress for ourselves than the original situation created.

Now ask yourself this stress management question, “If I am unable to manage this stressor on my own, is there someone who can help me?” Meeting deadlines, sending personal messages, birthday greetings and congratulations, responding to emails, and so many other tasks have become such a stressful part of our everyday lives that they can seem overwhelming. Guess what, there are services and strategies to help you overcome these stressors.

Have someone in the office screen your emails for you. Set up an editorial calendar to help you track your content creation deadlines – or, hire a freelance writer. There are any numbers of services available today which can help you better organize your time, and your life, and reduce the number of stressors which can affect you on a daily basis.

Remember to Delegate, Delete or Automate! If you don’t have to do it, delete it. If it doesn’t have to be you who does it, delegate it. If a software program can do it for you, automate it.

When you bring objectivity and logic to the issue which has created the stress for you, then you can start to look at stress management options. If you simply find it impossible to do anything to combat the stress, then you do have more options, but these take work, mental work, which may be difficult for some, depending on how you think of things.

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