Stress Management Series Be Stress Free – Step 3 – Your Attitude Toward Stress

This is the third in a series of posts designed to help you manage the stress in your life. The principles shared here are derived from my eBook, Be Stress Free…Anytime, Anywhere, which is available, free of charge, when you subscribe to my E-Newsletter. 


Having accepted that stress is a part of your life, and having learned some techniques for managing stress, it’s time to take a look at your attitude toward stress. Your state of mind and responses to stress can go a long way toward helping you manage it.

Big idea here!

You always, let me stress this even more, ALWAYS have the ability to think differently about the situation or stressor! This is the one thing that no person or situation has the ability to take away from you, ever.

What you choose to think about creates clear, focused thought that leads to desired outcomes through action. However, most of us don’t indulge in conscious thought for any length of time. We tend to let our subconscious do most of the thinking for us. When we take the time to think consciously about the things that are meaningful to us, we are actually exercising the mind and brain and it gets better at thinking, it uses less effort and brings about desired results more quickly.

You can use this to your advantage when dealing with stress and, at the same, time improve your attitude toward stress.

In my book “Just Give Your Head a Shake…and Change Your Life for the Better,” I go into this in greater detail, but your thoughts do dictate your outcomes in life and if they are filled with negativity and stress, your outcome will be a stressful and challenging life.

When you think negatively you increase the stress in your life. To reduce stress you must change your attitude toward life, which will change your attitude toward stress. Think positive thoughts, and do it consciously, until it becomes habitual. Look for the good in others, instead of the bad. Give yourself an attitude adjustment and soon you’ll be surprised to find you have a great deal less stress in your life.

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