Stress Management Series – Step 1 – Be Stress Free

This is the first in a series of posts designed to help you manage the stress in your life. The principles shared here are derived from my eBook, Be Stress Free…Anytime, Anywhere, which is available, free of charge, when you subscribe to my E-Newsletter. 

Acceptance of stress

Everyone experiences stress – everyone. In fact, it is the very nature of life that we all experience things which cause us stress. So, the first step to managing stress is to accept that you are going to run into stressors; people, events or circumstances that will cause you stress.

It is a simple fact that stressful events are a fact of life. Getting angry or fighting against this fact of life will only increase the stress you feel. You simply cannot win such a battle and it is useless to try.

Allowing yourself to become upset, angry, worried, and frustrated, or any other negative emotional state in response to stress, will not change the fact that you are facing something you would rather not have to face. If you accept the stress as a part of living, you can help prevent heart disease, stroke, headaches, stomach problems, respiratory problems, anxiety, and panic disorders, as well as a myriad of other mental and physical health problems related to stress.

Acceptance will allow you to view the stressor in a different way, a way that will be more effective for problem solving and managing stress, as well as for your overall mental and physical health. You will also be able to maintain a calm enough state of mind to allow you to look at the different options you will need in order to deal properly with the stressor, that is, the cause of the stress you’re experiencing.

You must not allow yourself to underestimate the strategy of the acceptance of stress, because this is the key to begin managing stress. Through the acceptance of stress in your life, you may even be able to begin eliminating the negative effects of stress. Perception is everything, and thinking differently about anything changes it.

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