The Biggest Communication Mistakes Of Couples

Good communication can make or break a relationship. Even if everything else is good between you and you partner, if you don’t communicate on a regular basis, your relationship will flat line. The following are some of the biggest communication mistakes that couples make: 1. Checking out. It can be challenging with the distractions of […]

What Makes A Happy Marriage?

It’s easy to get swept away in the romance of a new relationship, but what makes a fulfilling and lasting marriage? Most of us have seen couples that are madly in love and can’t get enough of each other. Most of us have also seen the flip side with couples that end up in a […]

3 Questions You Must Ask For Lasting Love

How do you really know if he or she is The One? Is it just a strong feeling or is any of it based in logic? Have you heard those stories of people recognizing “soulmate” and wondering how on earth they can know for sure? Surprisingly, lasting love does go beyond emotions and has some […]

What If Your Love Story Isn’t A Fairy Tale?

When you are in love, a profound change occurs inside you. And it is not just the chemical reaction and strong feelings, but a change in how you think and see the world. It can be a huge transition for a single person who is accustomed to thinking for “me” to start thinking in a […]

What Relationship Myths Do You Buy Into?

There are a lot of relationship myths that can cause problems between couples. These are the expectations and beliefs that men and women have toward each other that result in conflict and even breakups. How it works is we often make assumptions or buy into myths that our relationship or partner should be a certain […]