Tame Your “Mental Chatter” Wild Beast

Our thoughts are always flowing, so we can’t escape them. Unfortunately, a lot of thoughts end up creating negative mental chatter. Most of the time we aren’t even aware when we’re thinking negatively. What we will notice is a sense of dread, anxiety, sadness, or just an overall sense that things are not right.

When this happens you might truly be in a difficult state and need some help, but this mental chatter can also happen in the best of times. If you’re feeling down, check in with yourself. Realize that your thoughts are driving your mental attitude. At any time you can take the wheel and steer your thoughts in a more hopeful direction.

Some people call this positive thinking, or even prayer. Another way you can think of it is that you’re taming the wild beast. As human beings we have mental chatter going on ALL the time. It is like a wild beast that gets out of control. The good news is that you can learn to recognize when the wild beast is running rampant. Notice how you feel and adjust your attitude. Instead of allowing the negative thoughts to fester, consciously decide to turn off the mental chatter.

Getting rid of mental chatter allows your authentic self to emerge. You are more detached and able to perceive life more clearly when your mind is quiet. Instead of thinking everything is about you and your story, you can see the bigger picture. True reality can only be experienced in the present moment. You’ll know the mental chatter (or ego) has less power when you’re no longer constantly ruminating over the past or the future.

An attitude of gratefulness and appreciation can send that wild beast running away. Plus, the more you practice, the easier it becomes to let go of mind chatter and embrace what is real.

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