Teen Pregnancy Rising In Canada

Pregnancy testSome troubling statistics on teen pregnancy were published last year, indicating that teen pregnancy is on the rise among young women aged 15-19 in four Canadian provinces: New Brunswick, up 40%;  Newfoundland, up nearly 36%;  Nova Scotia, up more than 17%; while Manitoba has seen a 15% increase in teen pregnancy.

Although the rate of pregnancies among teen aged girls across Canada showed a marginal spike in frequency, the spike in these four provinces is troubling.

Teen pregnancy and stress

An article from The Globe and Mail last January reported that the experts believe socio-economic conditions in these provinces have a direct effect on the rate of teen pregnancies. “Teenage girls are more likely to get pregnant when they have fewer education or employment opportunities to postpone child-bearing for,” the article said.

The thinking among the experts quoted in the article is that a lack of access to quality education and career opportunities among young women is the driving force behind the sudden spike in teen pregnancies.

“‘Young women who feel optimistic about their futures with respect to access to education and career tend not to get pregnant. Young women who are starting to feel discouraged about their employment and education opportunities are more likely to get pregnant. That is a straightforward correlation that persists, wherever in the Western world you go,’ said Alex McKay, research coordinator with the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada,” in the article.

From our perspective here at Stress Slayer, this news is particularly disturbing, as pregnancy and parenthood at such a young age is incredibly stressful. While many young women may believe that having a child will be “fun” or “cute,” it is the rare 15 year old who is mature enough to raise a child. Doing so can lead to massive stress, which may be the trigger for depression, lashing out at others, harming herself, and/or abuse of the child.

Conversely, research indicates that depression and other socio-economic stressors among teen aged women may, in fact, be a trigger for teen pregnancy; or at least an indicator of risk of teen pregnancy.

Whether we see stress as a risk factor or result of pregnancy among teen aged women, it is important to ensure that teens are taught stress management techniques and strategies, and are given support through this trying time in their lives.

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  1. Teenage pregnancy is a global issue. With so many contributing factors which lead to a bigger number and teenage girls being at risk every single day.

    Whether it’s an issue of poverty, stress, education and a lot others; every single person in this world must be concerned.

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