Telltale Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

Some of the biggest problems people face are with low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. When low self-esteem is present, it affects all the decisions and choices that are made over a lifetime. Over the years, low self-esteem results in settling for less and getting less.

Since no one is immune to these issues, it can be helpful to see some of the ways that low self-esteem plays out in a person’s life. Here are some telltale signs of low self-esteem:

You talk about yourself poorly. The way you talk about yourself is one way to gauge signs of low self-esteem. Notice the passing comments you make about yourself. Know that what comes out of your mouth is a radar of what is going on inside your heart and mind. Instead of saying things that cut yourself down, make it a practice to only say kind and nice things about YOU. You’re probably already used to doing this for other people (i.e., giving compliments), but it’s even more important to do it for yourself.

You treat yourself worse than anyone else. You might allow yourself achievement and success, but only to a certain point. You might take better care of your spouse or children and deny yourself the same kindness. Many people don’t realize that they are the ones who decide how much they are worth and how much they deserve. No one else decides this for you. You set the bar and other people respond accordingly.

You allow others to mistreat you. The people we allow into our lives give us a good indication as to what we believe about ourselves. Many people seem to come into our lives to teach us lessons and help us to grow. Take a look around and notice how the people in your life are treating you. When low self-esteem is present you might have trouble brushing off negative comments and define yourself more by the perceptions of others.

You settle for mediocrity. You might be more comfortable settling for mediocrity in some or all areas of your life than in doing the work to change. You might even make up excuses why you can’t change. You might feel stuck or tired of your comfort zone, yet unable to get out of it. Self-esteem issues are at the root of many fears, especially those that have to do with making changes.

Keep in mind that working with a professional can help with self-esteem issues, as there might be a lot of emotional pain that needs to come to the surface. Just know that once this problem is worked through, many good things will result.

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