The 5 Best Ways To Be Stress Free

There are five strategies that anyone can use to be stress free, anytime, anywhere. These are basic life skills I share with my clients to help them cope with any situation. Can you imagine being in the midst of a difficult, high stress situation and coping with flying colors? The truth is that yes, you can learn how.

Stress management techniques are made up of good habits—and anyone can create a new habit. It just takes a little time, incentive, and practice!

I recommend that you get a pen and paper and jot down these items. It can be helpful to carry them with you at all times as a reference. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, having a list of stress relievers to refer to can help calm down anxiety and practice healthy coping skills. Here they are:

  1. Accept that stress is a part of life. Rather than fighting it or trying to avoid stressful events, accept that it is a fact of life. There is a release of energy in acceptance because you’ve surrendered and let go of resistance to stress.
  2. Be with the stress by stopping to ask yourself the question: Is there anything I can do to change the stressor? If there is nothing you can do to change it, move to managing the stress by shifting how you view it.
  3. Work your mental muscles. I can’t emphasize enough that you ALWAYS have the ability to think differently about the situation. Remember, you have the power to control yourself. No one can ever take this away from you.
  4. Have a plan to reinforce the new behavior. As you start to think differently about a stressor, your actions will change. Since this can be overwhelming and anxiety provoking, it helps to create a focused plan on how you’ll face the stress in the future.
  1. Take some mental downtime. Relax, give yourself a break, meditate, get a massage, revisit a spiritual practice or start a new one.

Now that have some stress management techniques, try them out and you’ll notice that as your reactions change, all areas of life become easier to manage.

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