The Keys To Finding Your Purpose, Pt. 1

What is your life’s purpose? A lot of people struggle with this question while trying to find the career and circumstances that fit. For some, finding purpose is an ongoing challenge, especially with the pressures of every day life and making a good living; others seem to know from the start what they want.   

Many people find purpose in careers, while others find it through home life or a combination of the two. Some people end up feeling they have a particular purpose due to circumstances, like becoming a parent. Others say they always “knew” their purpose and have worked to make it a reality.

If you don’t know your purpose or what gives your life greater meaning, there are a few keys to finding the answer. The great thing about purpose is that it’s unique to each person—which means that everyone has a unique path. For example, if you give everyone all the options in the world and let them know anything is possible, no two people will choose to the exact same thing!

This means that living your purpose is kind of like shining your light on the world. There is only one of you and your purpose is often the result of your dreams, both big and small. When you live your purpose what you are essentially doing is being the real you. Rather than putting on a mold of who you’re “supposed” to be, you flow with life. You feel authentic and alive.

Amazingly, this is also when you attract all of the right people, circumstances, and events. It might seem like magic, but really you’re just following your own star.

Stay tuned for The Keys to Finding Your Purpose, Pt. 2 on Wednesday April 20th, 2011.

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