The Keys To Finding Your Purpose, Pt. 2

One of the cornerstones of finding your purpose is that you feel good inside. When you are in alignment with the Universe itself, it’s like you’re on the red carpet with life. There are still bumps along the way, but mostly the path is filled with smiles and smooth sailing.

Too often, however, we think that we need to keep feeling bad—and that somehow feeling bad is necessary or “something we have to go through”—to get where we want to go. This isn’t true, unless you put more value in experiencing depression than happiness. Truthfully, you don’t have to feel bad about anything because feeling bad is a choice.

If you are ready to feel good and use this positive feeling to find your purpose without going through a maze, here are some questions to use:

1)    What makes you feel great, blissful, and puts you in the zone? This is a big clue as to your purpose and what brings you into alignment. Of course, real life isn’t always enjoyable and pain free, but when you feel good more often than bad, you will naturally have an ease that gets you through the rough patches.


2)    What are you naturally good at? What talents, skills, or gifts come to you with little effort and ease? Some people are naturally good decision makers, planners and goal setters. Others are naturally spontaneous, creative, and whimsical. This nature of yours is something to embrace and hold dearly. Once you’re used to seeing your gifts as strengths, you’ll want to share them all the time—which makes you feel great! 

3)    What does your gut feeling say? Sometimes we think our purpose “should” be one way due to outdated beliefs or conditioning from our parents. If deep down, you know you’re not being authentic, it’s time to listen to this voice of intuition. The refusal to listen to your gut feeling is like constantly holding a secret in your heart. Your gut feeling and intuition is there to keep you happy and fulfilled, so listen.


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