The Law Of Conscious Detachment

By now, most people have at least heard of the Universal Law of Attachment, the notion that “like attracts like,” and that positivity will attract positive results, while negativity will attract negative results. The Law of Conscious Detachment is a compliment to the Law of Attraction, aiding us in the use of this law.

The Law of Detachment states that in order to successfully attract something, you must not become attached to the outcome; for, if you become emotionally invested in the outcome, you will project emotions of fear and doubt, negative emotions which will actually attract an outcome opposite to your desires.

Attachment to an outcome will likely prevent that outcome

According to the Law of Attraction, if you live in fear and doubt, you will attract situations worthy of fear and doubt. Consistent with this, the Law of Conscious Detachment tells you that if you live in fear of the outcome of a situation, you will attract the very thing you fear. Therefore, you must give up your attachment to the result, and let the universe provide.

Beyond this, the Law states that any desire can be attained through detachment, which is based on the understanding that the Universe will provide, that everything good is already available to us, that by making an emotional investment in any outcome, we inhibit the Universe from providing it.

Attachment vs. Detachment

Once again, if you fear a negative outcome, you will attract a negative outcome. However, if you detach yourself from the desired outcome, if you do not make the emotional investment but simply have faith that the Universe will provide, you cease to attract a negative outcome. In essence, you will remove yourself from the equation, and the Universe will take over and provide that which you desire.

By living a life of conscious desire and emotional attachment, you actually inhibit achievement. You actually prevent the fulfillment of your desires. By letting go of your attachment to your desires, you actually improve your chances of achieving them.

And that’s good enough.

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