The One Resolution You Must Make This Year

I know, I know, one resolution… You’re probably wondering, “What is she thinking?” But the truth is do you remember your resolutions from last year? Or better yet, did you keep just one of them? Setting a realistic new years resolution is a big deal because if you’re really serious, you’ll be keeping it up for 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours. We all have the same amount of time to use, so how can we make just one resolution count?

There are a million reasons why we fail on our resolutions. You can click here to see some of them. But there is just one reason why we succeed. That reason is commitment.

What does commitment really mean? Anyone who commits to anything is going to deal with challenges and setbacks, and even sometimes failures. Once you can accept these inevitables, you’re on your way.  However, the commitment to a goal is what keeps you going.

So for this year, I ask you to resolve to be committed to just one of your resolutions (and more if you want!). Make them realistic and attainable. Make them something that excites you. Expect those setbacks and prepare yourself to get past them to stay committed to your resolution.

Most of us can maintain a resolution for the first 30 days, but by day 60, we aren’t going to keep going without commitment.

What kinds of things will help you stay committed to your resolution? First, be sure to write it down. Next, try using a goal tree. This technique allows you to put your resolution in the center with a circle around it and add the branches that will support you on your journey. Add as many braches as you need. Think of them like the steps you will take, support systems, and anything that will remind you of your goal.

Take this time create and stay committed to your resolution!

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