The Power Of Beliefs

Have you ever been to a party with a friend and discussed the event with one another at the end of the night? Your friend may gush about what a great party it was and how the music and food was amazing. And you may strongly disagree. You may feel as though the people at the party were boring, the music was awful and the food lacked taste. How can two people have such vastly different conclusions?

Your observation may be so different that anyone else would wonder if you two were at the same party. The truth is this happens everyday. Everything in your experience has a judgment or perception based on your individual view of the world and everything in it. These truths are based on strong lifelong beliefs.

Beliefs can cause you to never want to go to another party again—or to attend every party on the block! What this means is that situations aren’t always seen as they are—but instead we see they the way we believe they are. Remember, a belief is a perception or judgment that feels true. But just because you think it is true, doesn’t mean it’s based in fact.

Too often, beliefs cause us to make choices that are not objective and can even be limiting and painful. Instead, it’s helpful to be more consciously aware about why we believe what we do. Being open to deciding to unlearn or relearn beliefs can completely change lives.

Next time you notice you have a vastly different viewpoint from someone, think about it more and ask why. Perhaps the party truly was just a waste of time, but it could also be that you were just tired or not in the mood. Either way, don’t let one negative event change your beliefs forever. Stay open!

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