The Seeds Of A Healthy Relationship

Anything we give our attention to grows stronger, including relationships. If we go through a period of demise or disconnect from our partner, it’s often the case that our attention was elsewhere, or in the wrong place.

Most relationships grow stronger when care, love, and respect is shared between two people. This is similar to planting a garden. You can’t just put the seeds into the ground and expect them to grow without water and sunlight. They need the basics, plus many will also need extra care to grow into strong, healthy plants.

Think about the time and energy that goes into a growing beautiful garden versus a garden that has been left to rot or become overgrown. Relationships are very much the same way. They require the attention and interest of both people.

Some of the basics of a healthy relationship to cultivate include:

Be partners together. As romantic partners, you are constantly giving and receiving. Notice which one you’re doing more often and try to have a balance. The more you can be a team together, the more you’ll be able to build trust, take risks, and grow stronger.

Find your communication style. There are many different ways to communicate. Some couples need to talk a lot, while others don’t need to talk as much, but will communicate in other ways, such as always standing or sitting very close to each other. Don’t think that it has to be just one way to be right.

Learn forgiveness. If you are the person who has been wronged, always remember that you have the power to forgive. No one else can give this power to you. Amazingly, by releasing resentment or negative feelings, you are the one who benefits most of all.

Connect with yourself. Even though romantic relationships involved two people, who you are helps to define the union. This is because your partner responds to the innermost part of you—your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. When you adjust yourself on the inside, things on the outside of your life will start to change, including more harmonious relationships.

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