Using Vipissana Meditation To Find Your Spiritual Centre

There are many meditation techniques and spiritual practices that can be used to find your spiritual centre. One of the practices I learned is called Vipissana meditation. It was taught to me by Buddhist monks in the beginning of my spiritual journey.

This practice focuses on noticing the breath as it flow in and out of you. It’s not complicated, but it does require inward focus and concentration. Here are a few suggestions for trying this simple practice on your own:

  1. Take a few breaths before you start. To prepare, breathe in a few cleansing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. As you do this think about the point just inside your nostrils where the air hits the hairs in your nose.
  2. Breathe normally. Continue to breathe just like normal, but notice the inhalations and exhalations as a detached observer. Keep the same focus as thoughts or images enter your mind. Notice, but don’t add any labels, stories, or mind chatter. Instead, just watch with detachment, kind of like acknowledging what you see or hear without judgment.
  3. Use good posture. Sitting with good posture not only helps you feel energized, but it also keeps you from falling asleep. Some people sit on cushions or mats with the spinal cord and chakras aligned. It’s also important for your head to be erect with the shoulders, rather than turned up or down. This again keeps the chakras aligned and prevents snoozing. Your arms can sit comfortably in your lap.
  4. Keep your mind on your breath. As you meditate, keep bringing your mind back to the breath. The longer and more often you practice, you’ll notice that your focus and concentration will enhance.

This practice of Vipissana meditation is not only incredibly relaxing, but it also creates a strong feeling of being grounded, calm, and peaceful. This is you reconnecting with your spiritual centre and divine inner essence.

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