Want More Love? Give More Love

To find people who will love you, you have to love yourself. And if you’re not used to loving yourself, you probably have to go above and beyond. Start treating yourself like the divine, loving, powerful miracle you are and do things that show you believe this is the truth!

When you love yourself this sets the tone for the Universe to bring more love to you. It’s like a musical note that sends a wave into the ether (remember, thoughts can travel!), drawing more of the same kind. How this shows up in your life is your current relationships get even better and your capacity for loving others naturally draws people who are easy to love to you.

Love is the highest form of thought. If you simply practice loving more, it won’t take too much effort for big changes to happen in your life. To quote a saying, “Fear knocked on the door, love opened it, and nothing was there.”

Anything faced with love can be transformed. Keep giving it and practice every day of your life and you will see a difference. People will be magnetically drawn to you. You’ll have a vibrant energy surrounding you. You can even lift yourself and others out of suffering with divine loving energy.

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